Enchanting Rhythm

As the ballerina twirls and leaps, her graceful movements are accentuated by the delicate scent of luxury perfume that permeates the air.

This beautiful drawing is elegantly framed with a modern wooden frame, meticulously coated with a sleek black lacquer. The frame exudes a contemporary allure, adding a touch of sophistication and style to the artwork.

Encircling the image is a precisely measured 1 cm passe-partout, strategically designed to draw the viewer’s attention solely to the painting. The passe-partout creates a subtle space between the artwork and the frame, enhancing the visual contrast and allowing the intricate details of the drawing to stand out even more.

Availability: 75 pieces

(For modifications to the artwork, such as a different frame color or size, please feel free to contact me)


Enchanting Rhythm

Ultra HD Acrylic glass

The ultraHD print under acrylic glass offers the ultimate quality currently available. With unparalleled precision and refinement, it brings the smallest details to life while impressively accentuating the vibrant colors and depth of the artwork. Utilizing advanced technologies and premium materials such as lightweight and durable acrylic glass, along with the solid alu-Dibond backing, it delivers a visual splendor that exceeds standards. This printing technique represents the epitome of top-tier quality, providing an extraordinary artistic experience.


  1. Glossy UltraHD acrylic glass
  2. Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper
  3. Sturdy aluminum Dibond backing
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